North vs South London

August 8, 2009


Following publicity this week in Time Out, Evening Standard, Tired Of London, Urban Junkies, The Londonist and the US website Treehugger, we had an all-star turnout last night – seminal music writer Charles Shaar Murray, playwright/poet Anna Chen, comic Darren Hoskins, award-winning performance poet (and young Orange judge) 18 yr old Clarissa Pabi, broadsheet writers Emma Warren and Kate Burt, and Shakespearean actor Anthony Shuster.

No point prolonging the results any further though – the literary behemoth that is North London was evidently snoozing (or supping quietly in the corner on a beer) whilst the saplings of the south stormed the bench. So, well done South London.


First contender was 6 year old Amelie from Surbiton who displayed a rather lovely cat mask:


Next up, West Hampstead-based poet and playwright Anna Chen and the music writer Charles Shaar Murray shared a tender moment, before Anna thrilled the crowd with extracts from new show, Anna May Wong Must Die (see her here


Andrea & Marta, Malaga:


South Londoner Darren Hoskins demonstrated the art of “chapeaulogy” with extracts from his ‘Soft Cabaret’ show on at the Camden Fringe (watch a clip here


…before Brixton based writer Kate Burt and playwright Abi Zakarian performed a howlingly funny sketch satirising the world of women’s mags (see a clip on youtube here:


(South Londoners) Max & Renato shared a smile…


…whilst 18 year old Raphael Blake wasted no time offering up some impressive rhymes (clip on


Anthony Shuster unleashed his loving paean to Camden Town…


…whilst award-winning young Orange judge and writer 18 year old Clarissa Pabi captivated the crowd with her New York story :



And so what was the best the North Londoners could come up with? 

a) 0908070052

b) 0908070054

Thankfully South-east London author Emma Warren was on hand to round things off with extracts from her forthcoming book,  “Scenius: The Genius of a Scene”:


The winners?



2 Responses to “North vs South London”

  1. Madam Miaow Says:

    Had a fantastic evening. This is such a great idea. I’m quite sad it’s coming to an end tomorrow.

    A few more pix at mine. Should be getting a video of extracts up shortly.

    Thanks everyone who made this happen, you beautiful talented lot.

  2. kate burt Says:

    Rather alarmed at how I seem to have become comedically pocket sized between the tall, talented youths who helped saaarf towards our landslide victory… but casting that aside, I wanted to say thank you to north London and Stephen, Russell and Charlotte for hosting us and organising such a brilliant, vibrant and warm series of events. A great idea – look forward to whatever comes next (once you’ve had a bit of a lie-down, I should imagine…).

    My very talented playwright friend Abi Zakarian and I had so much fun – we’d been terrified of performing as we’re both writers and used to hiding behind our keyboards rather than showing off. But the crowd was lovely, the atmosphere so welcoming, and it was an incredible feeling to have people laughing along at something that – for all we knew – was only funny to us, in the throes of a late-night rose wine binge. Thanks to Abi – and to our absent co-writing friend Holly Atkins (who couldn’t make it as she was busy being well-reviewed on stage at the Globe – but thanks for sending your brilliant boyfriend, Anthony Shuster, to represent Coldharbour Lane).

    Thanks also to Emma Warren, whose book sounds absolutely fascinating, beautifully written and uplifting – and which I really want to read when it’s finished – and to the precociously talented Clarissa and Raphael, genius talents both, and to Emma Townshend for battling on down despite extreme illness.

    Tales from a Park Bench – long may the spirit live on!
    x Kate

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