Everyone has their own Tale…

August 6, 2009

Read what US website Treehugger have to say about the project here: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/08/tales-from-park-bench.php

All week people are drifting into the gallery, offering us snapshots of their lives. Yesterday afternoon, four teen emo kids from Worthing posed:


‘Now I’m finally a piece of art.’


Film-maker Sarah Warman: ‘Sitting on the bench, wondering what to write and watching life go by in this unique scenario. ‘

Then there was the lady from the Camden New Journal trying to persuade us to buy advertising space (er, right) as well as a steady stream of art students and American bloggers curious about what they’ve read online.


But most poignantly, and a reminder of what is at the very heart of this project, was a visit from Alison Ritchie, the mother of 26 year old Peter who sadly died in 2007 (see www.benchpoetry.blogspot.com Jan 2009 for his story) and whose bench inscription commemorated ‘a musician and dreamer whose favourite place was Primrose Hill’ (the bench lies at its summit). 

Carefully sticking a colour photocopy of his story on the wall, alongside some information about the Hackney-based youth music charity started in his memory (The Peter Stevens Music Project) we were humbled that, at the heart of the Tales From A Park Bench installation, are the real, sometimes painful lives that we are both honouring and celebrating.



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