Tales Of A Park Bin

July 16, 2009

The woman peered over, as she picked at her sandwich. “May I ask,” she said, “why you’re travelling with a bin?” (It’s amazing how much attention you get carrying a litter disposal unit.)

It was the friendliest train journey I’ve made  in years. On the platform, a man in a pork pie hat and Clash T-shirt chucked an empty water bottle into Bin. “Sorry,” I said, fishing it out and giving it back to him, “this isn’t a bin. I mean, it is, but it’s my bin.” After he’d finished guffawing, he said: “Well I hope you’re both very happy together.”

I had arranged to meet Mike & Cheryl from ebay outside their navy blue estate car at Bristol Parkway station. As the rain poured, they were happy to tell me its backstory: an antique by by Dursley-based company RA Lister, Bin was being thrown out of St Christopher’s special needs school in Bristol when they rescued him from certain destruction. “What will you do with it?” asked Cheryl. When I explained its new role, they were thrilled. “It’s going to be famous!”

Having survived the inaugural train and taxi journeys, the co-star of Tales is now relaxing on my roof terrace, brimming over with (paper) dreams, before his shimmering debut under the bright lights of the C22 gallery in Camden Town.


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